Our Process

From initial thoughts to final product, we will build the best website to solve YOUR specific problem.

1. Discovery

We begin all of our projects in what's called the discovery phase. A website needs to fit the business / personal needs and look great while doing so. In order to fully understand these needs, meeting and talking to the website owner provides vital information. This can happen in person or virtually, but a conversation is the start to any great relationship.  

2. Wireframes 

After the discovery phase is complete, we start working on website structure. Working with the content provided by the website owner, we will design the best layout to achieve the goals of the website. A wireframe is created for each page on the website and will be provided for review. Once reviewed and all revisions are complete, I then begin my design phase.

3. Design 

Here is where we take the wireframes and bring them to life. We begin designing the actual website to ensure that it looks great while meeting all the requirements. Ensuring all images, colors, and typography reflect the main purpose of the website and brand. Designs will be provided for review and revisions will be made accordingly. Once all designs are approved, the development begins.

4. Development 

The development phase is when we actually begin putting the website together. Building the website to look exactly like the designs and also ensuring that it is completely responsive and fast. All of the technical mumbo jumbo happens here, so we will spare you. Once complete, the website can be fully launched on a domain name of the owner’s choosing. At this point, users can begin visiting and being blown away by this new online presence.

Need a website?

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