How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Website

Taha Malik

Are you about to develop a website? Do you know how important it is to focus on the UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience)? Selecting an accurate color scheme for your website is as important as naming a child. The color of the site identifies it. We remember that particular website by its colors. A person may forget a name, but he remembers colors because a color memory stays longer in the mind of a person. That is why it becomes essential to select colors for your website very efficiently. 

We can make color choosing easier for you. In this article, you may learn about how to choose a dominant color for your brand, what should your complementary colors, background color, and where these colors should be used on your website. The colors on your website become affiliated with your brand. These colors correspond with your logo, headline as well as other sections of the site too. However, we cannot deny the fact that picking up the best color and mixing it is a perilous game. If you fail in this process, your website is declared as an utter failure because looks matter the most. The very first thing the audience sees is the structure of the site. 

If the user likes the UI/UX, he goes on deeper to read the written text. Hence, the first step should be done efficiently to reach the second step. If you have any issues in selecting the right color scheme, you should Google it. Checking out other great websites of your competitors can also give you an idea about the color scheme. One of the most prominent examples of this is big brands like COCA-COLA, PEPSI, and McDonald's that are associated with red, blue, and yellow color, respectively. 

As you read these names, your mind creates an image of their logos with its colors. Choosing a color is significant for a brand because it has some story related to it. For example, red is a color of danger, and it stands out among all other colors. Whereas, yellow color signifies hope, happiness that McDonald's lover get by eating its meals. However, selecting a color for your brand and its website doesn't only mean that you are attracting the audience towards it because of that particular color. It signifies that you are designing a remarkable brand. 

Following are three necessary steps to use color on your webpage properly: 

1. Choose a superior color as your brand color

Choosing a dominant color for your brand website works to evoke the feelings and emotions of the audience who visit on your site — example: Excitement, passion, boldness, and extreme love for coca-cola. Your logo consists of primary colors. One of those colors should be the dominant color that your logo is using. If you haven’t decided any dominant color for your brand, you can choose it strategically for branding and marketing of your product.

You should select a color based on the feelings of your audience. As different colors attract various kinds of people. While choosing an accurate color for your brand, you need to think about your visitor's feelings. For example, if your website is working for the business of yoga mats, using dark colors such as black that signifies luxury and power is not suitable for your website. Instead, you can use a green or blue color that means health and peace/calm at the same time.

2. Create a color scheme by using 2 to 3 accent colors

You cannot work with only a single color throughout your website, as you'd get bored and tired of that one color. Accent colors are a must need to highlight an essential part of your website that includes subtitles and quotes, etc. A person has to get past trials and errors while mixing the colors and understanding its theory. It is suggested not to choose more than two accent colors as they will confuse the visitor on the website. Check out the different colors that Red Bull uses on their website. 

3. Pick a background color to finalize your website design.

The color that you choose for your website should make the audience comfortable. Along with this, you do not want the color to be dull too.

If you have a retail clothing store, you must be interested in bold colors. Hence, the background color of your website depends entirely upon the purpose of the website. If you would like help selecting colors or would like to get a new website created, be sure to checkout The Website Foundry to get started.